Vincent Fahrenholz

Software developer, Berlin

My Story

That's me!

That's me. I was born in 1987, in Munich. At the time, both Germanys still existed for another three years.

My father was working as an import-export salesman. Yeah, I know, that sounds fishy. As a matter of fact, it was - litterally - fishy: he worked as an intermediate for big, french food industry corporations that wanted their convenience products, mostly seafood, to be found inside german supermarkets. He had come to Germany only a few years before.

Eventually, when I was fourteen, not also eastern and western Germany had reunited a long time ago, but we people had now adopted the Euro, as had most countries close to us. As for me, my family and I moved to France. I went on a public international school in Grenoble, whereas my parents bought a restaurant on the slopes of La Plagne, Savoy. And, like that, for the rest of my education, I spent my week studying in Grenoble, my week-ends skiing and working at my parents, and an excruciating amount of time on fridays and sundays trying to sleep in a french train wagon moving me from one point to the other.

I came back to Germany in 2010. To Berlin, former west... east... That's complicated!

I continued my education for another year, before starting to work as a developer. Wanna know more? Well, keep reading!


since Feb 2018 Senior PHP developer @ Idealo internet GmbH

Responsible, as part of a team, of some crucial part of the back-office of the company. Working on designing APIs in order to meet new requirements. Usage of PHP (ReactPHP, Yii, Symfony), HTML/CSS, Ansible, Puppet, Bash, Python, SQL, Git, OpenShift/Kubernetes and Docker

Dec 2014 - Jan 2018 (Senior) software developer @ STRATO AG

Responsible for developing and maintaining a configuration website for our customers, as well as some internal tools for our fellow coworkers as part of an agile team. Responsible for designing the new modular and API-driven architecture of our frontends new version as well as building an infrastructure around the software (CI/CD-pipelines, code-quality-checks, unit- and functional-testing-suites). Main contact person for our OPs. Strong usage of PHP, Symfony3/Silex, JS, HTML/CSS, Python, Ansible, Bash, SQL and Git

Nov 2013 - Jul 2014 Software developer @ dots GmbH

Developed a new version of the printer-suite Printgroove JT Suite (now AccurioPro). Usage of JS, Node.js, and XUL

Jan 2013 - Nov 2013 Further education time

Passed LPIC1 and 2 in order to have a fullier understanding of computer sciences that goes beyond the sole aspect of programming.

Apr 2012 - Dec 2012 Software developer @ FIZ Chemie GmbH

Developed an e-learning plattform for chemistry students named Chemgapedia. Usage of Java, Spring, XSLT, HTML and CSS. The company went bankrupt at the end of december 2012, but the plattform is still online, as it was sold to Wiley VCH

Sep 2011 - Mar 2012 Software developer and sysadmin @ ZAS Berlin

Developed a database as well as a frontend for it for a linguistic research lab. Usage of the classical LAMP-Stack. Updated some PCs that were roughly never updated before. That was the sysadmin part.

Hobbies and other experiences

since Jan 2013 Joomla!-Extensions developer @ my own

In my spare time, I develop small and not-so-small Joomla!-extensions for clients of the cultural sector.

since Jan 2013 System-administrator @ my own

Some of my clients also have webservers that need looking after.

since Oct 2010 Tenor @ DFC Berlin

I sing in a choir, the franco-german choir Berlin. Since 2014, I am also chairman of the choir.

since 2013 Photograph @ Vacation & Free-time Ltd.

I bought my Nikon in 2013, and use it with more or less talent and luck since. Some of my photographs are displayed here on the website.

since Feb 2017 Daddy @ Toddlers & Diapers Inc.

I am the proud father of an adorable little boy.

Education & certifications

2013 LPIC 2

Linux certification, part 2 of 3.

2013 LPIC 1

Linux-certification, part 1 of 3.

Aug 2010 DUT Informatique

2-year degree with strong emphasis on practical computer sciences. Gave me the basics for everything I have done since.

Sep 2005 - Aug 2006 History bachelor

I was 18 and wanted to do something with past times. I eventually learned one or two things about history and even more about me. For instance: I don't like writing with a pen very much. I was soon to drop out.